Blog neglect!

I have neglected this blog and I have become engrossed in the Instagram life! Pretty pictures, short reviews, making book blogger connections and researching the next read is an obsession I am fully involved in! But his post is me getting the ball back in this court, I’ll start with this and I’ll pop a […]

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Big Magic

This book spoke to be, and not in a soft whisper but a frustrated shouty voice saying, ‘just bloody do it!’. But do what? Well try out this blog and to enjoy being creative just for the fun of it and to give zero f**ks, and just doing something for me if that’s what will […]

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The Bees

Shockingly it’s about bees… Really it is about bees though! There is a vague sub context there, but actually yeah it’s about bees! And that surprised me! ‘The cell squeezed her and the air was hot and fetid. All the joints of her body burned from her frantic twisting against the walls, her head was […]

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Home Fire

Wowzers! So this is how it was, I found Home Fires whilst scrolling through the library ebooks but didn’t give it too much thought, adding it to my wish list but being a bit dismissive of it because it seemed like my sort of thing but I was after something different. Then seeing the mounting […]

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The Hazel Wood.

It starts with misfit Alice’s intriguing account of bouncing from home to home and many different schools in order to avoid the bad luck that seems to be following her and her mother. Then the death of Alice’s grandmother appears to set off a series of events that means Alice must enter The Hazel Woods. […]

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This story revolves around the intwining of relationships between two families when they are blended by affair. It focuses in particular on the children involved as we the readers follow them through several events including tragedy into adulthood. And for me it was about as dull as that above explanation. I added this book to […]

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